Healthcare Industry

Online Reputation Management For Healthcare-Professionals

Enhancing the online reputation to create a perfect brand image is significant for any business including the healthcare sector. RepuGains is proven to be the need of the hour for doctors and hospitals wanting to enhance their online presence and let them manage and control their positive online reviews. 

The software comes with a multitude of features that help healthcare providers to increase their reputation and create a positive brand image. RepuGains is an easy-to-access and streamlined software wherein you are supposed to upload the name, phone number, and email of the patients and everything else is taken care of!


All the negative feedback and reviews will be shared with you in your personal mailbox. You can communicate with your patients and solve their issues.

A personalized email and SMS will be sent to the patients. All a doctor needs to do is upload details like name, email & phone number.

A hospital or clinic with positive reviews gains the patient’s trust which eventually boosts the sales. Thus, doctors should invest in Healthcare Reputation Management software. 

RepuGains proactively works to transform the reputation of doctors and health clinics. It functions with a seamless and automated process for generating consistent patient’s reviews.